Welcome to the
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We provide M2M connectivity
for your IoT devices.

Welcome to the
home of the

We provide M2M connectivity
for your IoT devices.

Why is M2M Dataglobal different?

At M2M DataGlobal we understand the heart of your IoT solution. With our DNA methodology, we are able to identify and help you in the 3 pillars of your IOT solution.

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Things We're Great At!
We're Great!

Discover the solutions we have to offer

M2M Center

Our M2M Center platform allows you to control the consumption of your simcard park, perform unit tests, reboots and much more.

Data Plans

We offer a wide range of M2M plans with different operators focused on your needs, consumption and scale of IoT projects.

Private APN

We provide more security and reliability to your M2M solution, working with Private APN and encrypted data transmission.


Our portfolio of GPS, Tracking, Routers, Telematics, Sensors, Security Cameras, Panic Buttons, RFID allows you to have in one supplier all the components of your IOT solution.

24/7 support

Our team has more than 40 years of experience in the industry, which makes us the most complete and dynamic team in the market.


Our stock management allows you to have your order without delay and with immediate availability. Everything requested AM, we ship PM.

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What ourcustomers say

"M2M Data Global gives quick solutions and supports on things you don't know about."
Pablo Soto
CEO - GPS Tracking 🇨🇱
"M2M DataGlobal supports us and accompanies us in our madness, it is a great company, always ready to serve and do the best business."
Juan Guillermo Galán
CEO - SatLock 🇨🇴
"M2M DataGlobal is always there and always cares that your problem is solved."
Sebastian Breit
CTO - Awto 🇨🇱
"We need partners like M2M DataGlobal to accompany us on this path of growth."
Carlos Alfaro
Head of Connected Fleets
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