M2M Solutions

With our ADN methodology, we are able to identify and help you in the 3 pillars of your IOT solution.
Understanding the application is critical to choosing the right device which is therefore of the utmost importance in choosing the BEST CONNECTIVITY. is of paramount importance to choose the BEST CONNECTIVITY

Applications are fundamental in an IOT solution. Our portfolio of applications offers versatility, meeting the need from the simplest to the most advanced in Telematics.

Our portfolio of GPS, Tracking, Routers, Telematics, Sensors, Security Cameras, Panic Buttons, RFID allows you to have in one supplier all the components of your IOT solution.

We offer a wide range of M2M plans with different operators and thresholds focused on your needs, consumption and scales of M2M / IoT projects. Our DATA CENTER specialized in M2M / IoT, allows the complete management of Private APNs, Fixed IP, VPNs and Firewall.


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