How do we bill our customers?

Learn how we issue invoices and collect payment for the M2M managed connectivity service.

M2M Managed Connectivity Services Billing

Hello M2MLovers!

In order to continue advancing and strengthening our operations, we want to provide you with updated information in a timely manner to reinforce our Invoicing and Collection process.

Our intention is to avoid incurring in delays when sending invoices or having doubts about the process, because during the pandemic we adopted, out of cordiality and empathy , a more flexible process in order to support you during those 2 years.

As part of the reinforcement plan, we will share with you below the procedure for the correct flow of invoicing, collections and, if necessary, suspension of service.

  • Between days 1 and 5, you will receive the invoice and you will be able to access in M2MCenter to the file with all the details to understand the origin of the invoiced amount.
  • The invoice will arrive with a due date 10 calendar days after issuance .
  • Once the invoices have been issued, you have 7 calendar days to request credit notes, complaints, among others.
  • After the due date, and ifthe payment was not detected, you will be contacted by our collection team.
  • After 5 days from the due date and if the payment has not been identified, we will proceed with the suspension of service, until the payment is regularized.
  • Once the payment has been settled, the service will be discharged within a period of 2 to 48 hours.

In case of a situation similar to the above mentioned, we suggest you contact our billing team as soon as possible in order to regularize the outstanding debt.

Finally, we would like to emphasize that we will always be available to support you in any difficulty or inconvenience, therefore, we hope this information will be useful and that you will keep it in mind in order to generate this process with total normality.

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