"M2M DataGlobal has good performance, competitive values and fast response."

With 12 years in the market, Tepillé is a pioneer in the implementation of deterrent systems for the prevention of robberies.

Throughout its existence, it has recorded almost 55,000 crimes thwarted by its operators and 188 million monitoring of its clients.

Gabriel Contreras, its commercial manager, details how Tepillé became an industry leader and its five-year relationship with M2M DataGlobal.

How was Tepillé born and how did it develop over the course of its 12 years?

It arose from another company of the founder and current general manager, Aldo Vera, a security systems integration company, dedicated to the sale of closed-circuit television (CCTV) and fire control systems. It was born out of the need to provide a service rather than sell a product, from the idea of answering the telephone from a central office. At the beginning, the internet was not as easy to use as it is today. When the internet allowed it, with this idea in mind and cameras in between, this service was born. 

It is similar to the one we provide today, but the medium, the connections, the cameras and the way of operating have changed, because there is more technology and analysis. The service is designed to take care of the company, which we monitor with a virtual private guard. We can simultaneously watch more places than a guard at a much lower cost. The guards are still a complement, so much so that we even give them a device ("Mobile Emergency Button") so that they can communicate with us in case of a problem. We monitor in real time with the seal of the audio deterrent.

Was it hand in hand with the development of the Internet that you strengthened the service?

It has allowed us to provide it better and reach more customers, because before the internet was a barrier. When a client does not have or cannot, with M2M DataGlobal we provide them with mobile broadband internet. 

How and when does the link with M2M DataGlobal start?

When we entered the alarm world, our research and development area came to M2M DataGlobal for the data chips for the indoor system, which is indoor equipment as a backup. Then we acquired theroutersfor the mobile internet. Overall, we have performed well and the service has been good. M2M DataGlobal has competitive prices, they give us the equipment on loan, and in general they have a good response in terms of delivery. Although we have not had many connectivity problems, the few times we have used them they have provided good technical service. It is appreciated not to need technical service. It has good performance, competitive values and quick response.

Would you say that competitive prices and good quality products and service are the key qualities of this alliance?

There is also added value here in terms of platform and support. It is reliable, they work well, they work with good companies. We haven't had any major problems and the ones we have had have been solved. M2M DataGlobal offers reliability and good prices.

How does Tepillé leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) in its products and services?

We are just starting, because our strength is the transmission of images through the Internet, with streaming to our headquarters. We are exploring, but we are testing.

What can we expect five to 10 years from now with the development of technology in the field in which Tepillé works?

There are two lines. Companies will certainly continue to require services on the Internet of Things (IoT), with outsourcing, because of the specialist'sknow-howand the associated costs. The better the internet connections are, the better the service will be, because they will deliver better quality images. Thus, it is possible to analyze the image and generate an alert, for example. On the people side, for younger users, there will be a lot of self-monitoring at home, on vacation, at the hotel or wherever they rent. In homes, there should be a lot of automation as well.

Incidentally, why should someone hire a service like the one provided by Tepillé and not self-manage their security system?

It is necessary to have a reliable company as a counterpart in charge of 24/7 security. We offer that autonomy, whereby the client does not have to worry when there is a security event. We make sure that the cameras are operational or that the internet connection is working. We do all the monitoring, we are permanently watching the cameras, we report any failure.

How was it that they avoided those 55,000 frustrated crimes in these 12 years?

From day "1", we keep track of events. Every night, there are 20 to 30 preventive procedures, which is when the individual does not cross the wall or the fence, without violating the property. Of the actual ones, we can have up to 10 or 15 per night.

How did the relationship with M2M DataGlobal evolve?

As thetelcoshave improved their quality, M2M DataGlobal has improved as well. The good thing about having a variety of providers is that where one doesn't reach, others may reach or have a multi-operator SIM card that works. M2M DataGlobal has specific solutions to circumvent the inadequacies of some companies in a given sector. At its level, M2M DataGlobal is a good provider. It is one of our important Internet providers. We have a good perception, we are satisfied with M2M DataGlobal's performance and after-sales.