How to control, grow and make money in the M2M world?

Currently we have detected that the main problem of IoT users in the world is precisely to be able to manage the connections they make through a simcard. In Chile there are about 1 million M2M simcards connected and only less than 10% are managed by their users.

At M2M DataGlobal we see users, customers, entrepreneurs concerned about protecting and optimizing their business by applying various strategies in order to manage their "ecosystem", but at an extremely high operational cost.

What can we do about this? What is the way forward? What do managers in the M2M world need to know to ensure maximum optimization at low cost?

Some tips to achieve this: Don't be afraid toseek information for control.

The lack of information about the behavior of a simcard will bring problems in the short, medium and long term. Look for managing information about: Line number, activation date, last disconnection date, operator (telco), Ip, ICCID, installation location, IMEI and model of the equipment, and any other data you consider necessary.

Why is this information useful? I will explain it with some practical examples:

With the activation date, you will be able to better control your stock (warehouse), which will reduce your cost and keep your cash flow positive.

With the date of the last disconnection, you will have more security and valid arguments in case you need to file a complaint with your provider about possible coverage or configuration problems. Information is never superfluous and it is a valuable tool at your service: monitor your consumption on a daily basis.

You need to know which sim cards have zero consumption and which are consuming more than they should. Being able to identify the sims that have zero consumption will allow you to reduce your billing because you will be able to request their cancellation or replacement, as the case may be.

How could I avoid overconsumption without having daily consumption control? In addition to the operational wear and tear this causes, any unnecessary extra expense is never welcome. Take control of your consumption and use that gain to invest in your growth.Use a Data Management platform.

Getting as much information as possible and taking control of your consumption is useless if you don't use it to your business' advantage. Using a platform to manage your operation and translate the analysis of this information into graphs and dynamic reports is an important decision that must be evaluated. Think of a solution that meets your needs in a simple and easy way, think of a tool that is able to give you what you need and nothing more. The platforms available on the market tend to be complex and difficult to operate.

Seeking information, controlling consumption and using the right platform are crucial elements to ensure the protection and optimization of your business. Most of the time, operational ease trumps much more complex functionalities. Prioritize what is most functional for your day-to-day business.

The right platform will bring you strategic vision on your business and therefore help you make the best decisions, will provide you mainly control over the consumption of your simcards, avoiding unpleasant surprises in your monthly billing, which will translate into greater control over your finances and therefore drastic cost reduction.

We at M2M DataGlobal can support you in these 3 crucial points. Over the years, we have become experts in reducing M2M costs, improving the management of a Sims park.