How can I cancel my M2M lines?

Managed Connectivity Service Disconnection Procedure

All cancellation, deactivation and reactivation requests will be made exclusively through an email to with the required format, which can be downloaded at the following link or by clicking on the button at the end of this email.

Cancellation or return of unactivated lines: in cases where we receive a cancellation request directly from the customer and the lines have not been activated at any time (i.e. they are in "TEST or READY TO ACTIVATE" status at the time of the request), a one-time fixed charge will be made for the month of the request, and then they will be definitively withdrawn from the park.

These lines will be identified together with those that have been requested during the cycle and that were in "ACTIVE" status, which will be identified in the collection detail as "IN LOW".

Clarification of Terms

UNSUBSCRIBE: Corresponds to the immediate cancellation of services. This is a definitive action and the terminated lines cannot be recovered. There is no proportional charging of lines, therefore the sims sent for cancellation will appear in the bill and its corresponding consumption detail of the month in which the request is made, being removed from the bill and its access in M2MCenter from the following month.
*Remember that Entel Manager lines cannot be cancelled before they have been active and billed for at least 6 months.

REACTIVATE (This action is only possible with Smart and Manager simcards): This is the possibility to reactivate a previously cancelled line. An email must be sent to to re-incorporate them to your contracted services. This can be done up to 6 months after the cancellation request and has a cost of $990+VAT for each simcard.

DEACTIVATE: Corresponds to the immediate deactivation of the services. The sims will not be removed from your M2MCenter access, therefore they CONTINUE GENERATING FIXED CHARGE and THE CHARGE IS NOT SUSPENDED. This action is only possible with Smart and Manager simcards. An email should be sent to to reactivate data traffic.

READY TO ACTIVATE: Corresponds to a simcard that has not yet been used and therefore has not generated traffic (which means to change to "ACTIVE" status) and is ready to be used in the customer's available stock.

NOTE: Any other terms such as Suspend, Hibernate, Freeze are not recognized within our protocol, therefore we ask for the greatest possible attention in your request.

Download here the format.