Connectivity in Latin America together with VODAFONE

Combining Passion with Connectivity to Drive IoT Success in Latin America with M2MDataGlobal

M2MDataGlobal is a pioneer in the world of M2M / IoT in Latin America.

Providing high-end infrastructure with services such as M2M, IoT, VPN, private APN, fixed IP and a management platform, founder Daniel Spector is passionate about giving everyone access to the best M2M connectivity services, equipment and applications.

With a deep understanding of cultural values and operational norms across the region, this local provider has created innovative M2M / IoT end-to-end solutions and business models delivered with high quality of service. They are well versed in the specific needs of industries; such as tracking, telemetry, agriculture, oil and gas, which ensures the best results in M2M / IoT deployment.

We are working together to connect more people and things in more countries across Latin America. With M2M helping us navigate this terrain, where each country has different requirements, we are able to develop compatible solutions that can support the specific needs of our customers.We spoke with CEO Elionae Pazetti da Silva, as well as Founder Daniel Spector about his love for M2M and his commitment to the region.

Ludovico: Tell us about M2MDataGlobal and your overall vision for connecting with your customers.

Elionae Pazetti da Silva: In 2013, Daniel founded the company as a reseller of connectivity combined with customer service. This came with a platform that provided 24/7 technical support to customers, as well as a customized deployment approach.

Since then, we have transformed to become not only a reseller in connectivity, but we have also brought in IoT components to provide a global Internet of Things solution.

We have created a framework that is completely focused on delivering a better service to our customers in Latin America.

We like to talk about our IoT solution and concepts like DNA. For us, the DNA of a good IoT solution includes the device, the network and the application. The network, or connectivity, has always been our core product and is where we shine. But we also know the device and the application, which means we can bring all three together as the backbone of our offering; our customers benefit as well.

There are many players in the market that are completely focused on connectivity, but our vision is to combine our DNA concept with our unique spirit, and our know-how that sets us apart.

Ludovico: What is essential for success in Latin America?

Daniel Spector: I would have to say passion. You have to have passion for the region and for what you are doing. For us, we like to call this passion, love. We see this as a key part of our long-term success.

Similar to the DNA concept, we have also created another concept that we call M2M lover. We call M2MDataGlobal an M2M lover company because we are not only using M2M technology to connect things, but we are also connecting people who love technology.

Elionae Pazetti da Silva: That's right, we have built a community of M2M lovers. If you are a customer of ours, you are an M2M lover. But even if you are not a customer, but you love technology, you are still an M2M lover and a part of our community.

For example, we have more than 1,000 people all over Latin America connecting in a M2M lover Whatsapp group we have created. It includes people not only located in Chile, but also people in Peru, Mexico, Ecuador and other countries.

It is a group of people in the region who are not always our customers, but who are deeply involved in the market. They are people with the knowledge of M2M and who understand the importance that M2M can have in their country. This has allowed us to create a deep relationship with customers, as well as help people in the M2M community.

For example, recently someone in the group who is not an M2MDataGlobal customer said they needed an IoT component for a solution because if they didn't get it, they would have a big problem with a customer. They needed this component within a couple of hours and we were able to help them get what they needed immediately through the community we had built.

That's what M2M lover is all about. It's about putting this love and passion into action.

Ludovico: Tell us about your relationship with Vodafone Business and what lies ahead for M2MDataGlobal.

Elionae Pazetti da Silva: The relationship with Vodafone means a lot to us. The first SIM that Daniel introduced to the market in 2013 was a Vodafone SIM, and now, seven years later, the dynamism we have as a company continues with Vodafone.

It is incredible to be working with a major operator and a world leader with over 120 million devices connected worldwide. It makes us proud and excited for what is to come.

We are incorporating Vodafone products into our platform, which means that M2MDataGlobal is the first company in Latin America to have a connectivity management platform.

By incorporating Vodafone into our platform, what we call M2M Center, we are able to offer a fully integrated platform that works with many types of products and a variety of protocols in the world; something that was missing before this collaboration.

This means we can deliver the most powerful platform for connectivity management. It gives our customers an easy view and simple interaction with a fully capable and user-friendly platform.

Our vision for the future is to continue to support customers with the new technologies that are coming and the new types of networks that the world is deploying in terms of LPWAN, CAT-M1, NB-IOT, among others.

Vodafone needs to be a pioneer, and so do we, so now with this collaboration, these networks will become a reality for Latin America in the coming years.

We want to be prepared for the future, and to be prepared we need to partner with the leaders in the world like Vodafone, and be alongside them in their approach to the market, developing the market and implementing the new technology that is coming.

Daniel Spector: We are convinced that the success of the 21st century is collaboration, and that is why we have created groups like M2M lovers and why we work with Vodafone. The technology is amazing and we believe that connectivity can turn dreams into reality.