M2MDataGlobal Continues to Grow

For more than 10 years M2MDataGlobal has been a pioneer in the M2M/IOT world in Chile and the region. Since its inception we have innovated in the market in several ways, with a unique customer service, with the specialized support service to all M2M users, we have innovated with M2MCenter and its integrations, we have innovated with the Multioperator simcards for all Latin America and the world and we have innovated with the incredible team that we are today. And my mission here, is to allow this beautiful company to continue on the path of innovation and growth that has brought us this far and to continue to thrive in this year 2024 among us.

It is for this reason that today I want to tell you all that during the last few months, we have worked in the search of investments for our company that would allow us a substantial growth in our future as a company. However it was not an easy task, because we are not easy either, because we believe that OUR CUSTOMERS always have to be at the center of everything and we also believe in the value of the people who every day give life to deliver the best service to our customers and this for me is unbreakable.

And it was this spirit, that after a long time in that search, led us to meet Opt Connect, an American company based in Salt Lake City, which within the IoT market has managed to stand out with an innovative and human proposal in the USA and has even been recognized multiple times as "Best Company to work" and "Inc Partner Award". http://www.optconnect.com

OptConnect is currently in a market that is what we as M2MDataGlobal were looking for and which we sensed as "the solution of the future" This unites hardware and connectivity in a single service, thus creating a more solid and economical way for many of our customers.

After countless interactions, we have agreed that there is an incredible opportunity for both parties with this move, since OptConnect recognizes in us a company with unique experience in the IoT industry in Latin America. that will allow you to take your value proposition beyond your existing market and M2MDataGlobal will be able to count on everything necessary to continue growing and developing valuable solutions for our clients that will allow them to grow and stand out in an increasingly competitive market. 

Today I want to tell you that M2MDataGlobal and OptConnect become one company, to face the future with clear and solid objectives to offer better solutions and better services to our customers. Together, we achieved our goal of 1,000,000,000 simcards connected and also more than 10,000 happy customers with the M2MDataGlobal and OptConnect Experience.

In this way, Daniel Spector and I will remain shareholders, but with our participation in OptConnect.

As far as we are concerned, everything will remain the same in our organization, Carlos Astudillo, Victor Silvestri and Alma Davilla will continue in their roles as Country Manager and Legal Representative and I will assume the legal representation of our parent company in Chile and will continue as General Manager of the company, acting in the corporate and strategic leadership with a direct report to Chris Baird, CEO of OptConnect.

Together with the entire leadership team of M2MDataGlobal we are available for each of you who want to talk.

A big hug

Elionae Pazetti da Silva - General Manager