"Data Global has the best SIM Card after-sales available right now."

Trucks have been moving Chile from end to end for decades. One of the companies responsible for the security of around five thousand mobile vehicles that transport multi-loads along the different roads is Fleetport, a technological business group that provides high value-added business solutions based on the mastery and use of information technology.

Among its technological services, Fleetport offers georeferencing of points, asset tracking, fleet management, customized developments, mobile applications, M2M data connectivity, M2M tracking devices and GPS replication integrations.

To learn more about Fleetport, we talked to the company's operations manager, Marcelo Retamal, who shared with us his experience of five years working with M2M Data Global and his point of view on the provision of services with SIM cards.

"Our experience with M2M Data Global has been great because five years ago, when we started, having a data SIM was almost impossible for those of us who are SMEs. Then, Data Global came to provide a solution to the needs we had as a company. Having a data SIM card without so much paperwork and red tape has been extraordinary".

-How complicated was it to own a SIM card a few years ago?

-Yes, it was very complicated. The supplier companies asked for a number of requirements such as VAT, to include a financial backing, and once they even asked me for the company's checkbook. However, M2M Data Global gave us a direct solution, without major inconveniences, which in the end is a solution for all SMEs. Now you can order a SIM Card and have the same royalties as the big companies. For me it has been a very good experience and besides, the support they have is not available to large companies, such as being present 24/7 with trained personnel. That is very, very important. 

-What does it mean to you that the support is real?

-You can call at any time and communicate via chat. Before you could do it by phone, but now you can do it by chat and with a live answer from a person. Not a robot, like the big companies are doing, where you communicate and a robot answers. Here you connect with a real person, where on the other side of the computer there is a professional who gives you the solution to the problem. For me, that is real support, because talking to a robot makes no sense. 

-Have you had any experience in this regard?

-Of course, we have lost cell phones that we have not been able to recover, so we have been aware of it and we have even been given the location of the SIM card in real time, such as the place where it is. With that information you can solve the problem of a stolen vehicle, for example.

-As a company, what type of vehicles do you service?

-Our services are aimed at trucks, which is what we have the most in the company, which for us is essential, because suddenly they steal one and disable you, but because of our security system you can still locate the vehicle. Maybe the location is not so exact, but they give us a radio. That is why it is very important to have this support, which large companies do not provide.

-How many of the company's vehicles have this support?

-We as Fleetport and as a sublessor of the platform, we have around 5 thousand vehicles in Chile, but they are not only Fleetport's, because there are several companies that sublease our system, but all under the supervision of M2M Data Global, because it is the company that currently provides the best after sales, which is what we are really looking for, the after sales, because we are not interested in selling something cheap and then when I want to find someone to provide support there is no one. M2M Data Global is the best after-sales company that exists at the moment in terms of SIM cards.