"The platform and support that Data Global has has been vital to our continued growth."

Undoubtedly, connectivity is fundamental in all kinds of situations, especially in a country like Chile with the extension it has, how narrow it is and the amount of mountains that give us on one side the Andes Mountains and on the other the Coastal Mountain Range.

Precisely, our geography has been a continuous testing ground for signal operating companies and for this reason our country has been a leader in communications testing communications equipment, telephony and computer networks.

This is how the research and development company Stech Limitada, dedicated to providing solutions, services and security for fleets in the transportation, automotive and mining industries, was born and grows. The COO / IT Service Manager of Stech Limitada, Leonel Plaza, tells us about the experience they have had with M2M Data Global.

"We will soon celebrate two years working with M2M Data Global, which has accompanied us in the growth of our fleet, which has been a very important point to emerge and carry out our projects. For us, Data Global has fulfilled what we need, especially with the multi-operator issue, which is a vital service for us." 

-You do fleet control, what does it consist of and what is the contribution of M2M Data Global? M2M Data Global?

-Data Global provides us with the essential, such as the signal issue. This is the main part of the fleet management concept, because without a signal or without having the support of an Entel or a Movistar, it is no good for us. That is why it is necessary to have a multi-operator. As everyone knows, the southern zone is Movistar's and the northern zone is Entel's, but there are still places where neither one nor the other reaches, so the signal issue is vital for us.

-Does the Stech Ltda. service company operate throughout Chile?

-Yes, from Arica to Punta Arenas. Abroad we are with some pilots and tests, in order to consider them later on.

-What experience can you highlight in the operation of the company and management of M2M Data Global?

-We came to Data Global looking for ways to align ourselves with the requirements of our customers. Generally, it happens that we have the signal in certain sectors. So for us it was vital to understand that it is necessary to have this multi-operator service for the whole issue of having a specific signal in certain places, taking the data, carrying it and transmitting it. Data Global's platform and support has been very useful for us to continue growing, because the response is also fast. On that basis, the experience we provide to the customer is an experience with respect to the connectivity that may exist at the moment in their service that is with signal and coverage. That is the main thing.

In this development of multi-operator functions, how many vehicles do you control in the country?

-On line, we have 4,000 to 5,000 vehicles in a fleet of 7,000 in all areas, considering power generators, trucks, vans, vehicles, water trucks and mining equipment. We can monitor everything that can have current.