"M2M Data Global gives quick solutions and supports on things you don't know about."

GPS has become essential in the daily life of all vehicles insured by a company since 2019. And what to say about the new, package models, which leave the dealers with equipment installed. 

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is in thousands of vehicles, where the company Síguelo GPS has a lot to say in the area for five years with training in the United States, Ukraine and Argentina, which allows delivering a perfect and adequate service to the needs of users.

Síguelo GPS's mission is to take care of truck loading, monitor the temperature of refrigerated cargo, provide efficient services in fast and quality installations, install driver or operator identification systems, passenger control and multi-brand telemetry of sensors by reading parameters.

The operations manager of Síguelo GPS, Pablo Soto, introduces us to the experience he has had for the last five years with M2M Data Global.

"We started working in 2016. But before that, a great friendship began to grow with one of its founders. And like everything, it is a relationship of loyalty, a lot of loyalty and very good vibes, situations like the year-end event at the Lampa kart track that make you feel closer to your suppliers, to leave aside the barriers of invoices and emails, and move on to more personal things, accompaniment, family, to deeper things that give much more value to what you do".

-How was Síguelo GPS born and how did it evolve to other services? 

-The company was born as a company with a GPS service at the most basic level. Over time, with a lot of work and learning, we have been changing the range of solutions to what we have today, which are telemetry systems, drowsiness control, third eye system in trucks and buses. We also do system integrations, we provide technical and field support to other companies and not only to companies here in Chile, we also provide technical support in Chile to companies from Argentina and Peru. In addition, in certain services that we provide, we have clients in Mexico, Argentina and Bolivia.

-In business terms, what is the relationship between Síguelo GPS and M2M Data Global? 

-We have a very good relationship of friendship, work and shared experiences, because the closeness with people allows us to work in a better way. M2M Data Global helps you find faster solutions and support for things you don't know, don't handle or don't understand. Data Global helps you get in touch with people who master the system, who understand it and are willing to lend you a hand. There are people who are starting in the business and the same guys from the company ask me for support to help them, advise them and accompany them in the creation of the business.

-Does GPS also deliver SIM Card holders? SIM Card?

-Onlythe services that are necessary as well as the products that are minimal to have and understand to get started in a business like this.

 -How many vehicles do you provide GPS services to?

-Today we are in the order of 2,500 units. And we continue to grow day by day. A year ago, technically, I was working alone, now there are five of us and we plan to double the number of vehicles monitored by 2022, as well as the number of people working. In addition, we are analyzing the possibility of opening operations directly in Argentina.