"Our equipment is customized in its application layers for each specific customer and market."

The fleet management and telemetry technology market continues to grow, regardless of the country's situation, safety always comes first.

Our Country Manager for Argentina, Victor Silvestri talks to Julio Tesser, General Manager LATAM at Mobilogix.

M2MDataGlobal is an official distributor of Mobilogix.

What can you tell us about Mobilogix?

The company was founded in 2010 in Irvine, CA, with the ambition to become a reference in the development of high quality hardware specifically in IoT applications. Our first customer was National Enterprise, a giant in the car rental segment in America, and a project that demanded a very high technical capacity in the development of the solution, with a high degree of customization of the hardware and especially the firmware. New customized projects were arriving, which strengthened Mobilogix's position not only in the development of standardized equipment, but mainly making it an exponent in the development of IoT solutions focused on asset management, telemetry and vehicle tracking and logistics solutions, including the particularities of the cold chain. 

What differentiates Mobilogix from the competition?

  The ability to position itself as a technology enabler focused on IoT, because our equipment is customized in its application layers for each specific customer and market. Mobilogix customers do not adapt to the equipment, on the contrary, our equipment and solutions are developed in a customized way to meet the needs of each customer and adopt it to their operations.

In markets such as Brazil and the United States, how has the acceptance and adherence to Mobilogix equipment been?

 As markets with different behaviors, customers have positioned themselves in very different ways in the United States and Brazil. The American market seeks total customization of its solutions, so our American customers tend to have their own part numbers and do not share hardware or software platforms, with exclusivity taking precedence. Large companies have adopted Mobilogix as a solution and have already installed millions of pieces of equipment in their field operations. In Brazil, customers prioritize low cost and this led us to a different strategy. Using standardized hardware platforms and customizing only the firmware (or application layer) for each customer. This makes the R&D process lighter, faster and certainly more cost effective. In the last 2 years we have installed more than 100,000 devices in the Brazilian market, maintaining the high quality standard of our hardware and customizing the firmware for each customer and/or partner in the Brazilian market.

How can Mobilogix help the Argentine telematics market?

Bringing our experience in building J-equipment with very high performance and capacity, but mainly delivering to each customer a fully customized application layer optimized for their field operations. This ability to locally develop integrated firmware layers puts us in a unique position in the Latin American market, as our main competitors are global giants that keep their R&D centers at their headquarters.

Argentina is a country that has taken full advantage of 2G. Is there any intention to continue developing this equipment for this technology?

 We have new projects launched recently that use 2G technology. This means that we will keep the 2G equipment, but we will always offer LTE options as an alternative in the specific case of 2G network performance loss. We adopted hybrid 4G/2G platforms but decided to keep the lower cost hardware with only 2G technology available in our portfolio.

How do you envision Mobilogix in the coming years?

 The company is growing at an overwhelming speed and is structured to offer very vertical solutions to the vehicle telemetry and telematics, cold chain, logistics and civil construction markets. This is how we project the company in the coming years.

Who will win the Cup, Argentina or Brazil? 

It depends on how many thousands of Mobilogix devices we have installed in Argentina. For every 10,000 devices, our support to Argentina grows more and more.